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We have more space in the poster section, send the abstract by Friday 06/16/2023

ENURS 2023 is the ninth edition of the annual meeting of Portugues Synchrotron Users.
The meeting will provide an opportunity to hear about the developments upgrades and new opportunities at the European Synchrotron Research Facility in Grenoble France and at the Alba Synchrotron Light Source in Barcelona, Spain. The meeting will also provide opportunities for users to share their recent research via oral or poster presentations.

Local organiser Geoffrey Mitchell of CDRSP.

ENURS 21st June 2023 Final Programme to be available 12th June 2023
10:00 hrs registration and coffee and refreshments – Centro Empresarial, Zona Industrial, Marinha Grande
11:00 hrs Open Ceremony
Professor Geoffrey Mitchell Local Organiser
Welcome and Introductions
11:05 Professor Artur Mateus, Director of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development
11:10 Professor Pedro Amado de Assunção Vice-President of the Polytechnic of Leiria
Updates and Opportunities
Chair Paula Pascoal-Faria
11:15 European Synchrotron Research Facility
Michael Krisch Director of Research ESRF “Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) – a European effort to pioneer synchrotron xray science”
11:45 Montserrat Soler-Lopez Group Head of the Structural Biology Group “Structural Biology at the ESRF – opening up new
12:05 Veijo Honkimaki, Group Head of the Structure of Materials Group “Materials Science at the ESRF – towards a sustainable
12:25 ALBA Synchrotron Light Source
Updates and Opportunities
Barbara Calisto “Opportunities at the ALBA Synchrotron Light Source”
12:55 Gary Admans Business Development Officer ESRF “Research infrastructure assistance for research in to circular materials
and recycling processes”
13:05 Q and A on morning session
13:15 Lunch and User Posters
14:25 End of Lunch and User Poster Session
Chair Joao Matias
14:30 Barbara Calisto ESUO and discussion on the formation of a ENURS Association
14:45 User Presentations
Artur Mateus (CDRSP) “ Operando x-ray scattering studies of injection moulding of plastics at the ALBA synchrotron light source – towards a circular process”
15:05 User Talk 2
15:25 User Talk 3
15:45 User Talk 4
16:05 Break
Chair Pedro Carreira
16:20 Daniel Silva (CDRSP) “Discovering morphology mapping with Operando small-angle X-ray Scattering 3D printing at ALBA”
16:40 User Talk6
17:05 User Talk 7
17:25 User Talk 8
17:45 User Talk 9
18:05 Close of Meeting
All participants are invited to a farewell coffee

We will update this website as more information becomes available.